Academics - General & Music

ANIM is a specialist music school, from Grade 4 to Grade 14. We are one of the only co-educational schools in the country, and currently the only music school.

Students at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music not only receive  specialized training in music, but also a complete core academic education provided by the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan.  They have lessons in mathematics, science, physics, social sciences, Dari, Pashto, Arabic, English, Quranic studies, and Islamic studies.


Since ANIM students interact with international faculty and visiting teachers every day, English is crucial for them now and in their future careers as musicians. Thanks to the support of the US Embassy, ANIM boasts a highly enterprising English Department. Activities include videoconference distance-learning initiatives and “pen-pal” projects with various schools in the USA.


ANIM students begin learning recorder on entry in Grade 4 and choose their specialist instrument in Grade 5. We offer all instruments in the Afghan and Western classical music traditions. Students graduate with a high school certificate in Grade 12 and can then apply to take associate degree courses in grades 13 and 14.

Music education includes instrumental lessons, Western and Hindustani music theory, ear training, music history and ensemble playing.