ANIM Council and Student Association

The ANIM Council was established to bring more community and student cooperation to the school. 


The Council sets the key direction for the school; it also develops ANIM’s strategic plan, approves the budget, and designs and reviews policies. The Council is comprised of representatives of the Ministry of Education, delegates of the music sector in Afghanistan, and members of the parent and student body.


In addition to the ANIM Council, we also have the ANIM Student Association. In Dari ‘Sadayi Shagerd’, or Voice of Students.

Young people’s opinions matter so much, particularly in a country that is rebuilding itself, and at ANIM we value the ideas and opinions of our students enormously and promote their right to share their difficulties. 


The ANIM Student Association’s members are elected and have a significant role in the daily running of ANIM, from issues like school lunches, to practice room conditions, curriculum suggestions and rehearsal schedules. Through the ANIM Student Association the students learn that their opinion matters, and that the possibility of change is in their hands.