Sponsorship Program


ANIM is committed to rebuilding the ruined lives of orphans, street-working children and other vulnerable children of Afghanistan through music and general education. Therefore, fifty per cent of ANIM annual enrolment places are reserved for talented disadvantaged children.


As part of the student recruitment process, ANIM has partnered for years with organizations catering to these communities, including Aschiana, Save the Children, and the Afghan Child Care and Education Organization (AFCECO), which includes nearly 40 students from many provinces including Balkh, Bamiyan, Farah, Faryab, Ghazni, Kunar, Kunduz, Nangarhar, and Nuristan.


Impoverished families often rely on their children to work to support the family, which creates a pressure for the children to drop out of school.

In response to this unfortunate trend, ANIM established its Sponsorship Fund in 2009; this provides a small monthly financial support to street working children and other ANIM students from poor backgrounds to enable them to continue their education.  By providing this support and compensating for the family’s loss of income, ANIM enables these children to stay in school, and attend to their studies and development with a peace of mind.

ANIM is grateful to its many past and current donors to this important Sponsorship Fund including the Goethe Institute, the Embassy of Finland, the Embassy of Canada, the British Embassy, and individual sponsors.


Find out more about sponsorship

If you would like to support ANIM's Sponsorship Program, please contact Dr. Ahmad Sarmast at Ahmad.Sarmast@monash.edu for more information.